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Hang LeHang Le
23:03 07 Oct 23
The guy fixed my I phone quick couple hours done and very good service and very kindness I recommend coming there usually I go in the white mash mall I be back when I need 👍👍👍👍
22:42 07 Oct 23
Amazing job been here twice nothing but great work
Layae GregoryLayae Gregory
22:02 06 Oct 23
Great job
Beltway BugBeltway Bug
18:25 06 Oct 23
Excellent service and Great Prices. I had my both of my iPhone speakers and my charger port replaced and my phone works like new. Highly recommended.
18:11 02 Oct 23
Excellent service. Fast and my phone works like brand new
Randy SRandy S
20:50 13 Sep 23
Went in to get my iPhone fixed because the back shattered. I wanted to trade in 2 Samsungs, one which is brand new, and buy a used iPhone because I use them for work and I’m not a fan of the Samsung. The guy working there tried to get me to pay for the iPhone repair before the job was done, which seemed strange, because usually you want to see the finished product first. When I asked him about the trade in, he said to wait until I pick up my phone when the owner would be in. I agreed, so I arrived when my phone was “fixed” and when I asked the owner about the trade ins, he was dismissive and said the phones were locked. I told him I was aware and could get them unlocked with a 30 second phone call. He was speaking English to myself and the other coworker the entire time, but when he started talking to his employee about the trade in, he switched over to Spanish. He then proceeded to offer me $60 towards a trade in for a used, iPhone 11 with a $699 price tag for a brand new Samsung. When I questioned him why such a low offer, he got rude and said he didn’t need or want my business. Ummm you already have my business as I’m allowing you the opportunity to charge me $140 to fix the back of my iPhone and do a terrible job at that. Then I asked where his used Samsungs were and he had the same model I was asking to trade in, 2 years older, for $399. Then I asked why he kept speaking in Spanish whenever he was talking to his employee about price and that’s when things went sideways. I was very proud of myself for keeping my composure today and NEVER write bad reviews. But if this is how the owner treats customers, I give this place another 2 months tops. Then I get back to my office and see the job they did after guaranteeing me I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference once it was repaired. By the pictures, I’m pretty sure the difference is very clear. You live and you learn
Vann MichaelVann Michael
17:41 31 May 23
Great customer service!Greeted with a smile and forward about the repairs needed to phone. The experience was professional and quick!Less than one hour wait time in a well lit comfortable waiting area.
L ParkerL Parker
00:32 19 Apr 23
Red Carpet with Red Carpet ServiceWalking in last min and with trying to figure out how to pay. They totally took care of me, worked with me to pay and stayed late to fix my Samsung S22 Ultra. It was look Brand New in under a hour. Legit under a Hour. Amazing work and supper friendly. They totally will work with you to get your phone, your watch, your tablet or what you need fixed done in store that day. If they don't have the parts it will be next day.Oh do they have a warranty for work? YES they do and they will take care of you.Just DO it, it's so worth it
I stopped in to have my old phone fixed and Muhammad did a great job.Very thorough, professional and highly recommendedI didn't really look around the store but it looked like they had a super large selection of cell phone cases screen protectors , accessories, and tons of phones for sale

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